How To: 6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Build 2018

So, you want to start mining Ethereum right? But you don’t know how to build Ethereum mining rig?

Today we are going to use the best Ethereum mining hardware to assemble our mining rig. As we are going to build 6 GPU mining rig we will use 6 Graphics Cards.

As more and more graphics card going out of stock we have to take care that we buy the correct graphics card. We don’t want to end up mining Ethereum at very low hashrates.

Update – Article has been updated to be working in 2018.

As many people have started mining cryptocurrencies – Ethereum is one of the most popular for mining. But, why are people investing so much in mining Ethereum?

The thing is Ethereum is the cryptocurrency which is ASIC resistant; i.e you cannot mine it with any ASIC you will have to mine it with graphics cards. I have also inserted Amazon links as it may help you buy them.


Best Graphics Cards For Mining Ethereum

This is often asked question right – Which are the best graphics cards for mining Ethereum?

But here is a question – which graphics cards should I use? Well, till today I have used Nvidia GTX 1070 – Why??? Because of 2 reasons –

  1. They are good at mining Zcash.
  2. They also produce good hashrate of 31 MH/s by a single card.

Even though you can easily resell these cards in future at a great price.

Here is a graph that can explain you –

GPU Mhs comparison

You can clearly see that GTX 1070 stands out in MH/s. I have been using GTX 1070 till date without any problem. One GTX 1070 consumes 150W of power.

So, GTX 1070 is best ethereum mining card we are going to use in this mining build.

6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Build

Our ETH mining rig will consist of –

Every hardware is listed below. Also, I have done my part of explaining each and every hardware. You will not have any problem in assembling them.


You will need 6 of them.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1070

As we are assembling 6 GPU ETH mining rig you will need 6 of them. If you are low on budget you can always start with 4 of them and periodically increase them. GTX 1070 uses 150W of power which is also great.

Each Graphics Cards will output – 32 Mh/s. So with 6 of them, you will have – 32 x 6 =  192 Mh/s.

Also, if you go with GTX 1070 for mining Zcash you will get – 450 Sol/s. i.e if you think you could not mine Ethereum at one point you can periodically shift.

This particular EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 comes with 8GB GDDR5 memory and has 2 fans to keep the graphics card cool.

To maintain all the cost we are going with GTX 1070.

Update – Most of the time you could not find GTX 1070 you will have to go with GTX 1070ti  which is the lastest version and is better than GTX 1070

MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4

6 GPU MSI Pro SeriesWe will be needing an motherboard right. So, we have to choose an motherboard that can support 6 GPU.

Absolutely, so we are going with MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4. This motherboard supports 6 GPU and you can attach the GPU via RISERS.

This motherboard supports DDR4 RAM and is good to go with Intel Processor with LGA 1151 socket.

The motherboard is the base of your mining rig, everything that you are going to build depends upon your motherboard. This motherboard will run 6 GPU that you will attach at no problems.

PCI-E 16x to 1x Risers

RISERSYou need to attach your GTX 1070 Graphics card right. But how do you do that?

You can attach all your GPU via RISERS i.t PCIe 16x to 1x. These are small cable – where at the one end GPU is attached and other end goes to the motherboard.

You need 6 of them as we will attach 6 GPU. You can find Risers at very low cost – Make sure that you buy them with other hardware componants. Do not buy them single.

Ballistix Sport LT 4GB Single DDR4 RAM


The MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4 support DDR4 RAM. The reason we are going with 4GB RAM is that the RAM never plays a role in your mining efficiency.

If you add 8GB RAM the output would be the same as 4GB. So, I think you don’t want to waste your money on building this mining rig.

So, lets go with DDR4 4GB rather than any higher RAM.

Intel Celeron Processor

Celeron processor

You will need a processor for powering up your mining rig. But, why ‘m going with Celeron & why not some higher end processor like i3, i5, i7.

The thing you must know is that we are going to do GPU mining, not CPU mining. We only need our processor to run the software and rest of the mining process will be carried by the Graphics Cards.

Celeron is a good processor. We are using Celeron 7th, Gen, as this fits in our mining mother board which has LGA 1151 socket.

You can even go with Pentium processor too.

SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB 

SSDEver since Im building new cryptocurrency mining rigs Im including SSD rather than HDD. The reason is SSD are fast and by using SSD I would increase the transfer speed and decrease the time. Also other things that I think about SSD are – They  use less power consuming and also if you are starting up your mining rig the boot time is reduced and soon you will be mining.

I would also recommend you buying an SSD as it is just little bit expensive than HDD. So, you don’t have to buy any 240 GB SSD or; higher 120GB is enough. The only things that will be going on the SSD will be OS, Drivers & mining software.

EVGA SuperNOVA 1200W Platinium

It is often hard to select required PSU. Some of you might select a PSU that is way more less than the required powersupply. When you select the Power Supply Unit for the mining rig you will only use 80% of the total that can be supplied by the PSU.

E.g, If you require about 1000W of power you will not buy 1000W PSU you will buy 1200W PSU.

By doing so you will be on the safer side.

So, lets calculate our required power supply –

1 GPU consumes = 150W of Power; So, 6 GPU consumes -6 X 150 = 900 W of power.

Additionally – 200 W of power might be consumed by motherboard, CPU, SSD, etc.

So, using 1200W PSU will be good.

ATX Power switch

Power SwitchSo, how are you going to power on this mining rig. This ain’t using any ATX cabin and there isn’t any button to start. To be sure, we have to buy ATX Power Switch.

ATX Power Switch is something that is a wire that will attach to the motherboard and other end of the wire acts as a button to start and turn off the rig.

This is one of the smallest componant but you must not miss this one. It is very easy to attach.

Whenever you buy this – Buy it with other componants too, cutting out the extra costs.

Mining Rig Open Air Frame

You will need an open mining frame that allows good air flow. Make sure that your mining rig frame is not conjusted.

I would recommend you building your own cryptocurrency mining frame. By this way, you can build it the way you want. The only required things would be few alluminium rods and some hardware skills.

Make sure that everything will fit properly.

Enought space for the GPU, Motherboard, SSD, PSU, etc.

If you do want to pick one up this mining rig frame will help you out –Mining Rig Open Air Frame.


Choosing your operating system for now might not be hard. If you are familiar with Windows then you can use Windows for mining. Linux is even good as you will cut out the costs.

But especially if you are going to use this mining rig for mining Ethereum you can go with ETHOS.

Mining Pool

It is also important which mining software and pool you use. I would recommend you using Claymore Dual Ethereum Miner as a software.

And for the pool from last few months I have been using

I recieved regular payments of ETH and they have low fees incomparison to other pools.


With this particular Ethereum Mining Rig you can actually mine about $379 of Ethereum every month and this is probably good.

Update – As the price of Ethereum has gone up above $750. You will be able to mine more than $500/ month with this mining rig. This Ethereum mining rig can run fine in 2018.

But, here is a good trick that keeps me going – When I mine Ethereum I do not sell it immediately I wait till the prices of Ethereum has gone up. By this way my return of investment is met very early.

But, always remember that when you invest in mining rig you do not loose money instead you earn money.

But, How??

The thing is when you buy a mining rig you can mine as much as you can. But when the time comes when you dont want to mine you can always resell and there are hundreds who will buy your rig.

Graphics cards can be resold.

Total ~ $3593 (Estimated)

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